BWC Trading Bots is a system consisting various AIs (bots) that have been purposed for specific tasks in a specific format. These functions that they carry out include the taking into cognizance transaction volume, matched price, buying price, selling price, etc. Also, these bots are able to capture details such as account balance data, transaction history, and send to the system in order to identify the low buying/high selling price automatically, delivering a minimum daily return from 0.5% to the respective users. BWC has several Bots that perform specific functions and these bots are:

  • Arena Bot
  • Algorithm Bot
  • Mixed Bot
  • Strategy Bot

Arena Bot

This Bot uses arbitrage strategy which takes advantage of price differences between cryptocurrency exchanges. It is to buy a BTC listed on one exchange at a low price and immediately sell it at a higher price during the trading session on another exchange to create a profit.

This strategy executes an algorithm to determine the price difference and place orders that make a profit with maximum efficiency. It is known for its high-frequency trading and in perfect markets. By utilizing thousands of small differences each day, investors will generate desirable profits while suffering close to 0% of the risks that could possibly be involved through ordinary trades done manually.

It’s greatest advantage is the speed at which is able to compute and analyze data within seconds and handle full trades within few seconds. In the trading world, a second could be the difference between a successful trade, and an unsuccessful one.

Algorithm Bot

The arbitrage Trend-following strategy is the most commonly used strategy for algorithm trading.

This strategy follows cash-flow trends in moving averages (MA), RSI, channel breakouts, symmetrical balance theory, price level movements and related technical indicators.

This strategy is the easiest and simplest strategy to implement through algorithmic trading because it does not involve making any predictions or price forecasts. Trades are initiated based on the occurrence of desirable trends, which are easy and straightforward to implement through algorithms without getting into the complexity of predictive analysis.

Strategy Bot

Inverse Moving Average (IMA) Strategy is based on the price volatility of a cryptocurrency that is instantaneous and sooner or later will be back to its periodical average value. AI bot will establish and define a price range and run the algorithm on the basis of placing orders immediately when the price exceeds the defined range of oscillation.

Volume percentage strategy Trading volume continues to go up. During this time, the robot will place orders based on the volume of buy and sell orders in the market.

This strategy will allow the robot to place orders at the rate that the user sets, or increase/decrease when the price touches a certain threshold. And many other strategies that are under research to complete.

Mixed Bot

This bot sells and buys automatically following the trader’s desired tactics such as RSI, BOLLINGE BAND, MACD, CCI, etc.

There are more than 30 trading indices together with market trend detection tools. This bot will trade in either up-trend or down-trend correctly, avoiding trading against the market trend that reduces the possibility of losses at the lowest level.


  • The Arena Bots automatically buy low-sell high based on indicators and algorithms: Bollinger Band, RSI, EMA, SMA, Trailing Stop, and MFI.
  • Arena Bot is equipped with the Trend Watcher tool and Trailing Stop technology to help Bots identify the bottom price. Arena Bot knows it as a signal indicator of a reversal in the market.
  • Especially, in cases of deep down or "storm", Arena Bots possess specific strategies to bring profit.
  • Fully applied calculation tools, technical analysis, placing buy low and sell high strategies, so Arena Bots ensure automatically earn profit without human intervention
  • Speed of transaction is one of the greatest advantages that the arena bots have over manual trade, and as well it’s competitors